Pre Buy

Why hire professional oversight representation when buying/selling or performing inspections?

Pre Buy Evaluation and Technical Inspection Oversight

The Pre Purchase Evaluation process is designed to help identify discrepancies that could result in high dollar expenditures during an aircraft acquisition or selling process.

In most cases service facilities performing Pre Buy’s will suggest inspecting specific areas on the aircraft to perform a physical evaluation to help determine current condition. Often times depending on the buyer and seller’s buy/sell contract, additional physical and records research items may need to be added to the Pre Buy to satisfy the contract.

As Pre Buys are time sensitive in many cases, it is important not to use language that would cause the aircraft to be required to complete an actual manufacturer’s inspection during the Pre Buy process.

Many service facilities only perform manufacturer inspections as their Pre Buy service offering. Manufacturer inspections may add significant cost escalations on the Pre Buy and depending on how the purchase agreement is written could be an added expense to the aircraft owner.

Discrepancies noted during the inspection process may also require repairs in order to return the aircraft to an airworthy flight condition. In most cases, the costs incurred will be the responsibility of the aircraft owner and not the buyer should the transaction cancel for any reason.

Do not take the Pre Buy process lightly. Manion Aviation will help provide a smooth aircraft acquisition or selling event.


Technical Inspection Oversight

We provide technical oversight for Pre Purchase and large inspection packages or complete management of your aircrafts scheduled maintenance.

Often times, your flight operation is too busy to allow a technician to be offsite to oversee work being performed on one of your aircraft at a maintenance facility. Leaving an aircraft at any maintenance facility unattended is not prudent. This can result in cost overruns, compromise the completion schedule and the loss of attention to detail and care.

Were the hours charged legitimate for that particular inspection?

Did that part really need to be replaced?

How many hours does it take to replace a light bulb, and why?

We can provide unbiased reviews of your maintenance invoices for appropriate labor hours charged, accuracy of work scope, corrective actions taken and fair pricing of replacement parts and consumable supplies charged.

The potential for savings and recovery are of dollars for your company may be significant.

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