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Every Aircraft Must Pass Routine Inspections


Every aircraft must be inspected on a calendar and/or hourly flight basis to meet federal requirements. We here at Manion Aviation have a complete full-time staff composed of experienced A&P Factory Trained Technicians. We want your jet to be fully returned to service ensuring that your aircraft remains in the air as much as possible and making you money. The high cost of downtime of the aircraft is something we work diligently to reduce because every hour that aircraft is not in the air, is an hour it’s not making money.

We have experienced staff able to do any kind of inspection you need on your aircraft. Today’s aircraft are extremely complex and there really is no substitute whatsoever for the type of experience we offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical, every one of these issues must be addressed at our technicians are prepared to do whatever is needed to find the source of the problem, to then correct it and get you back in the air.

We follow strict FAA requirements and we do everything we can to get the necessary paperwork done for those inspections.

We perform all hourly and calendar inspections, and our technical staff is factory trained. We offer turn-time guarantees to get your aircraft back in the air as quick as possible.

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