Paint Protection Film Classes Certification

Paint Protection Film Classes Certification

An ever-increasing number of car users are opting for paint protection film (PPF) to protect their cars’ appearance against dents. There is also a growth in the number of schools offering auto detailing training classes, which often involve PPF courses. However, here are some reasons why Auto Detail School is the best option for you if you wish to obtain Paint Protection Film Classes Certification.

Who is Eligible to Join Auto Detail School Courses?

The short answer is, everybody. We welcome all applicants regardless of personal background or level of skill. There are various levels of training designed to accommodate students regardless of their degree of knowledge. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a total newcomer to the automobile technical world or an old-timer looking to improve your knowledge, there is a place for you in our car detailing training program. You can benefit from our online auto detailing training course for beginners.

Mode of Teaching

We believe that students are best equipped to tackle real life challenges when they are trained in similar environments. Rather than a theory-based approach, our trainees are trained with real tools in actual workshops. They get to observe and follow the steps of our tutors in our best auto detailing class and thereby, receive the practical skills they need.

What We Teach

Business Operations Training

We prepare our students to start and operate their own successful car service businesses after graduation. For this reason, they are taught the various practical aspects of business management such as branding, marketing, and sales and much more.

Technical Training

Our tutors teach trainees how to use the various tools involved in the installation of PPF correctly and how to carry apply the coating efficiently and in minimal amounts of me.

Furthermore, students of our best auto detailing training class also learn other aspects of car care such as polishing and wet sanding among others.

Why choose us?


Our school boasts of highly experienced and trained tutors including Mel Craig, one of the most accomplished figures in the car care business on the world stage. A veteran with nearly 50 years of experience under his belt, he shares his wealth of experience and knowledge of auto care with the students from his workshop.


Upon graduation from our program, we offer Paint Protection Film Classes Certification to our students. As we are a government-accredited educational institution, this certificate is widely recognized as proof of training in the field. Contact us today if you want to learn automotive detailing online.

Sign up With the Leading Auto Detailing Training School

Have you been looking for a highly-rated auto detailing that offers the best training programs? Auto Detail School should be the first name on your mind. Our founder, Mel Craig, has been in the auto detailing and automotive appearance business for almost five decades. He understands what your training program should offer to set you up for success.

When you train with us, you’re guaranteed hands-on training and mentorship in a top-class, accredited training facility. We’ll take you through everything you need to get certified by the relevant boards. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming an auto detailing pro.

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Paint Protection Film Classes Certification

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